Back to reality

IMG_0947Ah, the beach, feel the breeze, hear the waves, soak up the sun and on that last day of your vacation let the dread of returning home fill you up.

Okay, so maybe it’s not that dramatic, but we’ve all been there on the last day of vacation, wherever we might be, hoping that we had more time. Part of that dread lies in the knowledge that we’ll have to get back to our commitments, our day-to-day routines and reality in general. As someone who has been on many vacations and school trips, I’ve discovered a few tricks to getting back into a regular routine as quickly and painlessly as possible.


I can’t stress this enough, which is why I’ve put it at the top of this list. In my opinion, if you don’t unpack within the first 24-48 hours it can be really hard to get back in your groove because your luggage is just sitting in the corner of your room mocking you. “We had so much fun,” it says. “Why did we ever leave? Let’s go back now!” Most likely, that isn’t going to be an option for you, so if you can unpack your souvenirs and dirty laundry and put that taunting piece of luggage in its place, it’s going to be so much easier to get back to reality.

Ease back into things

Raise your hand if you didn’t follow your workout or diet plan on vacation…oh my gosh, I’m not alone! Vacation is about relaxing and spending time with your friends and family, so don’t sweat it if you ate some guilty pleasure foods or said peace out to your workout routine for a few days. While it’s important to get back to your healthy lifestyle, know that there might be a little lag time in your workout intensity or vegetables might make you cringe and that’s O.K.  because you had fun and made memories, which is the point! So take this transition step by step and don’t get mad at yourself if it takes a little more time.

No regrets

Helloooooo down therrrre,” I scream into the empty abyss that is my wallet. It’s easy, well it is for me, to spend a little too much money on vacation and when I get back sometimes I start to regret my decisions. But, when you let regrets sneak into your thoughts, they can put a cloud over the great time you had while you were making those decisions. So, my advice is to save a little money in the weeks after your vacation by packing your lunch for work, wait a little bit longer to get those new shoes you’ve been wanting and remember that it’s worth it because you had so much fun!

Hope these tips help you the next time you’re coming back from a vacation, school trip or weekend getaway!

Got your own tips or tricks to share? Let me know in the comments.

(Photo credit Kate Ansel. Carolina Beach, NC. June, 2017)

One thought on “Back to reality

  1. Brandy says:

    Excellent way to start off, and well written. You’ve conveyed your thoughts with a home spun wisdom…my favorite…and I’m not ALONE. I’ll be sharing your thoughts as I believe they have perspective and relevance; not to mention the photography is beautiful. I’m so proud of your artistic abilities, and your commen sense translation for ALL to understand.


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