Guess who’s going to Spain?



That’s right folks, I am leaving the country! No, but like seriously, I’m going to be studying abroad during spring break in Barcelona, Spain. And I know what you might be thinking: “Studying abroad is a waste of money and time.” But lemme tell you a secret…it’s totally not!

The program I’m going to be participating in is called Strategic Communication for Startups in Barcelona. It’s a class that is in my major and before we head to Barcelona for Spring Break, we’ll be working on research and projects for these startup companies. I don’t want to be super boring and explain all the logistics of what we’ll be doing and learning so here is a link to the program page if you want to know more!

I have to say, that I never thought I would find the right opportunity to even consider studying abroad. As a strategic communication student, I have found that a lot of study abroad programs for journalism majors are geared toward the news and info students; that is the students writing for publications, broadcast work, etc. So, other than the one time when I toyed with the idea of double-majoring in Spanish, I never really thought studying abroad was in the cards for me.

However, with this new program that is directly related to what I want to do and combines my urge to travel, it looks like it’s going to happen! It also helps that this program is only for spring break because financially it would be pretty hard for me to study abroad for an entire semester. I still need to save up and hopefully get a scholarship to help pay for this program, but I don’t feel like the financial commitment is going to be insurmountable.

So, despite all that, you might still be asking: “But why do you want to study abroad? You can take strat comm classes here, you wouldn’t have to pay extra for the program and you could still get good experience.”


Lemme tell you a thing, I want to travel every-freaking-where! Ever since I was little and watched Beauty and the Beast and saw Belle singing about having adventures in far-off places I’ve wanted to do the exact same thing. It might seem dumb or childish for me to base this desire off of a Disney movie, but it’s much more than that. I can’t fathom living life on this big wide amazing world and only to be stuck in one country, in one culture, for the entire time. I want to learn from people who aren’t like me, I want to experience new things and I want to literally broaden my horizons.

This trip will be my first step in achieving those goals and living up to the promise I made myself when I got my tattoo three years ago. I decided that if I was going to permanently ink my body, it had to really mean something.


So when I decided on “adventure” to me it meant that I was going to have some and that when I looked at my tattoo it would be a constant reminder to make that dream and promise come true.

I’m extremely excited and I can’t wait to have my first adventure abroad. I’ll continue to update you on my preparations for the trip and any tips I learn along the way about traveling to another country.

As always, thanks for reading!


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