Senior Moments

I was walking through campus last week and the weather, the atmosphere and everything else were absolutely perfect. The leaves on the trees finally started changing colors this past week and the weird winter temperatures we’d been having for the last few weeks finally warmed up to normal fall levels. I was on my way to a meeting and the sun was just starting to set, it was a perfect scene in Athens and my mood was high. And then I remembered that these perfect fall days in this perfect fall place would soon be coming to a close, to a mostly permanent close.

I’ve been having a lot of what I’m referring to as “senior” moments in the last month, just like this one. It will suddenly hit me in completely random situations that my wonderful time here at Ohio University and in Athens will very quickly be coming to a close. Sure I’ll be back for Homecoming and to visit friends, but it won’t ever be the same as it’s been as a student. Homecoming will take on a new meaning and I don’t think I’ll ever live in a place that celebrates Halloween like Athens does. And I completely doubt that anyone will ever be able to tell me there’s a more fantastic, exciting band than the Marching 110.

While I’ll sometimes get sad during these moments, I’ve been trying my best to just cherish them and live in the moment. This has ranged from me trying to remember every moment of my last Homecoming weekend, to forcing myself out of my comfort zone and not just spending all my free time at home, and just trying to make as many memories as I can. If you’re a senior, I encourage you to do the same thing.

Fall Semester is coming to a close and your work is probably piling up just as much as mine is, but it’s still important to find time to have some of these senior moments.





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