Hello there! Thanks for visiting my blog, The State of Kate. This blog is going to be a mix of advice from me on various topics including health and lifestyle as well as updates on my day to day life as a college student. So a little bit about me:

I’m a senior at Ohio University studying Journalism: Strategic Communication in the Scripps School of Journalism. After several internships and on-campus experience, I’ve decided I want to pursue a career in, in-house public relations or marketing communications. I’m currently going through the arduous and nerve-wracking process of applying to jobs and I’m hoping to land in the Charlotte, North Carolina. Why such a specific location, you ask? Keep reading.

If it wasn’t hard enough being a college student, two years ago I had to move six hours away from my family. The summer of 2016 my dad got a promotion that moved our family from Lancaster, Ohio to Charlotte, North Carolina, which meant that now instead of living 45 minutes away from my family, I was living six hours away from them. It was a big adjustment, to say the least. I’ve now had two years to adjust to going to school out of state and little by little it’s gotten easier. I have a pretty close relationship with my family which is why I’d like to spend a few years after graduation working in the Charlotte area, but after a bit, I’d definitely like to work in a different area of the country or find a job that involves travel.

So that’s me! Thanks again for visiting and reading the blog, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or blog requests.