Senior Moments

I was walking through campus last week and the weather, the atmosphere and everything else were absolutely perfect. The leaves on the trees finally started changing colors this past week and the weird winter temperatures we'd been having for the last few weeks finally warmed up to normal fall levels. I was on my way … Continue reading Senior Moments

My Spanish Adventure

¡Hola amigos! I'm back from Spain and I'm so excited to talk about my trip and experiences from my week abroad. It was one of the most amazing experiences that I've been able to have in my life. I may sound like I'm over-exaggerating but I had never been out of the country before this … Continue reading My Spanish Adventure

Breaking up with my Anxiety

It's crazy to be writing this down, but I'll be arriving in Barcelona exactly one week from today! The only problem? My emotions have been a little all over the place in preparation for the trip. I keep going back and forth between excitement and nervousness as I get ready to embark on my first … Continue reading Breaking up with my Anxiety

Lessons Pt. 1

I recently went into my advisor’s office to get some advice on an online portfolio that I’ve been putting together (shameless plug, go up there to the menu and click on it if you’re so inclined) and he asked me a question about the blog. "So, what lessons have you learned?" He was referring to … Continue reading Lessons Pt. 1

My New Year’s Resolutions

It's the last day of the first week of 2018 and I'm finally sitting down to figure out what my resolutions are going to be for this year. I know it's not something that I necessarily have to do, but after my success with my resolution last year, I feel like it would be weird not … Continue reading My New Year’s Resolutions

Guess who’s going to Spain?

Me! That's right folks, I am leaving the country! No, but like seriously, I'm going to be studying abroad during spring break in Barcelona, Spain. And I know what you might be thinking: "Studying abroad is a waste of money and time." But lemme tell you a's totally not! The program I'm going to … Continue reading Guess who’s going to Spain?

How I Lost 50 Pounds

This morning was not the first time that I stepped off of a scale and cried, but it was the first time that those tears were from joy and pride. It's taken me almost nine months and it's been a difficult journey, but I finally hit one of my biggest goals and have lost a … Continue reading How I Lost 50 Pounds

Getting Organized for the New School Year

I’ve been in Athens for almost three weeks and while I love relaxing and being able to hang out with my roommates, I am ready for classes to start. I feel like I’m absolutely frying my brain with my phone and TV shows right now (I've been marathoning Game of Thrones for a week). So, … Continue reading Getting Organized for the New School Year

Move-In Day Do’s and Don’ts

It’s been two weeks too long my friends, but let me tell you, they’ve been a crazy and very busy two weeks. I moved into my apartment last Saturday and after spending a week settling in and visiting family and friends in Ohio, I finally found the time to sit down and write this blog. … Continue reading Move-In Day Do’s and Don’ts

It’s the Final Countdown

This Saturday I'm headed back to the great state of Ohio to move into my first apartment with my cute and awesome roomies, pictured above. I'm really excited to get back to Athens, my home away from home, and my packing is coming along slowly but surely. While I'm looking forward to my junior year … Continue reading It’s the Final Countdown