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If you’re interested in seeing some of my professional work click on one of my portfolio pieces down below. There is a link at the bottom of each post where you can view the content I have created.

“makeitDIVERSE.” Bateman Case Study Competition

During the 2018-2019 academic year I served as the managing director for my university’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America’s (PRSSA) 2019 Bateman Case Study Competition Team. The client for the 2019 competition was the PRSA Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is to support racial and ethnic diversity and inclusion in the … Continue reading “makeitDIVERSE.” Bateman Case Study Competition

Hands for Holly Memorial Fund Blogs

During my marketing & communications internship with the Hands for Holly Memorial Fund I had the opportunity to write several blogs and manage the website. Below are two examples of the blogs I wrote and topics that I covered. Great Gatsby 2018 Results Caps for a Cause

Blog: Using WellTrack to balance mental health and graduation stress

As a student leader at Ohio University’s Student Affairs Communication and Marketing Department, I was encouraged to try out a new tool our campus was offering. WellTrack is an interactive self-therapy app which can supplement other therapy or mental health needs that students receive at Counseling and Psychological Services. I tried the app out for … Continue reading Blog: Using WellTrack to balance mental health and graduation stress

Social Media at The Post

Since May of 2017, I have worked as the social media director for The Post, a student-run newspaper at Ohio University. During this time I have managed a staff that has ranged in size from 5-15 students. In this position, I monitor the social media content that my staff produces, collect and analyze social media … Continue reading Social Media at The Post

Meet Brittany Barten

As part of a Division of Student Affairs (DOSA) campaign called, Meet Your Colleague, I interviewed Brittany Barten. Barten is the member services coordinator for Campus Recreation and I was asked to do the interview because of my knowledge of the department. Meet Brittany Barten

Startup Grind: Barcelona

Through a semester-long course at Ohio University, I was able to work as a marketing intern for iyi events. My team worked on the Startup Grind: Barcelona account to create a marketing and sponsorship plan for university chapters. We conducted research on university students’ social media habits and visited Barcelona for a week-long trip where we … Continue reading Startup Grind: Barcelona

TRAZER Social Media Campaign Plan

This project was completed as part of my Strategic Social Media class at Ohio University during the Spring of 2018. The goal of the project was to design a social media campaign plan for a real-life client by observing their current social media habits, collecting data through surveys and research, and using that data to … Continue reading TRAZER Social Media Campaign Plan

Know Yourself, know your strengths

This is another example of blogs that I write for the Career and Leadership Development Center. In this blog, I focus on our theme for the month which is Know Yourself and how it’s important to know your strengths. I highlight a few CLDC resources in the blog that help readers determine their strengths in … Continue reading Know Yourself, know your strengths

The Post and The Post Movie

As the social media director at The Post in Athens, Ohio, I normally don’t do much writing unless it can fit into a small social media post. But on certain occasions, I will volunteer to write a blog for our blogs editor. Most recently I wrote a blog about how our publication keeps getting confused with … Continue reading The Post and The Post Movie

Bobcat Spotlight

One of my favorite things that I do with my job at the Career and Leadership Development Center is to interview students for Bobcat Spotlights. Faculty, staff and students at Ohio University can nominate students to be spotlighted on our blog for their leadership skills, internship experience, or any other involvement on campus. I get the … Continue reading Bobcat Spotlight

Professional Dress that Suits You

This is an example of one the type of blogs I write for the Career and Leadership Development Center. In this blog, I discussed the different types of professional dress and what clothing is appropriate for each situation. This blog post gained a total of 122 views over two months. Professional Dress that “Suits” You

CLDC Case Study

When applying for my position at the Career and Leadership Development Center at Ohio University, I was required to complete a case study for a hypothetical situation. In this situation, the CLDC was trying to promote an event, but they no longer had access to their Twitter account and each applicant was asked to complete … Continue reading CLDC Case Study

Let’s Do It Research Report

1804 Communication is a student-run agency at Ohio University and as an account executive in the strategy and media department, I was in charge of managing a team of six students to conduct research for our one of our clients. This client was launching a new mobile app and we were asked to conduct qualitative and … Continue reading Let’s Do It Research Report

CLDC Blog Style Guide

As the social media intern for the Career and Leadership Development Center at Ohio University, I was responsible for writing blogs and student spotlights. When I started my position in Sept. 2017 the blog did not have a style guide for either of these types of posts so it was hard to consistently format the … Continue reading CLDC Blog Style Guide